Our Goals

  • Increase of personal safety in social and economic interaction
  • Rapid return to normal economic and social conditions
  • Maximum protection of privacy for tested people
  • Long-term benefit through further, more differentiated immunity and vaccination certificates

Advantages of our approach

  • Same level of confidentiality as a vaccination certificate
  • No tracing - No compromises on privacy
  • No smart-phone necessary - all the immune person needs is a personal IMMUPASS QR Code and an official identification document (passport, ID)
  • Designed for international adoption
  • Use of a Swiss high-security blockchain infrastructure
  • Enables anonymous statistical analysis by health authorities
  • The certificate is tamper-proof and uniquely linked to the identity of a person
  • Future certificates such as COVID-19 vaccination certificate can be issued

How does it work?

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    Test centers are authorized by governmental health agencies.
  2. QR code icon
    Tested persons receive a digital ID represented by an IMMUPASS QR code only known by themselves.
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    The immunity certificate can be checked anytime by scanning the QR code with a smartphone.
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    In case of a reinfection or a faulty test results the supervising health agency can revoke the certificate.